Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Technology Camp is a Success!!

I've been talking for quite some time about our county's first ever technology camp. Today was our first day of it and I was so amazed at how wonderful it turned out. We've been working on this for about a year now and there have been many trials and tribulations, but to hear a teacher say that this is the best thing they have ever attended, really makes it all worth while.
We had very few problems the entire day and every person left with a smile on their face. Every technology facilitator left a little tired as we did most of the presentations throughout the day, but we all agreed that it was a success and we were pleased with the outcome.
Our day started with a keynote by Janice Adams from Apple. She talked about a 21st century classroom and how teachers should change the way they create lessons to better accommodate the needs of the students. It was excellent and most teachers I talked to said they walked away with something to think about. That's what we all want out of a keynote, right? I made sure throughout the day to reference a few of the things she said because I know everyone didn't remember everything, but the constant reminders always help.
The rest of the day was filled with 4 sessions, a lunch break and lots of neat giveaways. Each participant got a ticket for every session they went to. Those tickets went into a box to draw for prizes, so if they attended all four sessions, they have 4 opportunities in the box to win. I wasn't sure if this would work well or not, but it really did and everyone was really excited that there was an extra incentive to go to all of the sessions.
My sessions were awesome. I presented all 4 times today as I picked up a session on conducting successful web searches at the last minute. It was tiring doing so many in one day - and all were in different rooms. I got my walking in, that's for sure!
Many sessions were very full while others only had a few. I had one session with only about 7 people in it and then I had one with people standing out in the hallway listening because there wasn't any space left in the room!
It was all very exciting and I'll have more to post after the second day. Please stay tuned as I'll be sharing a plus delta of my own concerning some of the events of the past two days. If you are interested in viewing our camp wiki, here is a link: cabarrussummertech.pbwiki.com

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