Saturday, December 27, 2008

I'm movin' on up!

Got the best Christmas gift ever! I'm now blogging on my new 20 inch iMac!! It's great to get a new computer not only because of the new "technology smell", but also because I can reorganize all the "junk" from my old computer. When prompted to connect a firewire and pull in all the files from my old computer, I opted not to because I think this is a great opportunity for me to start fresh and new and only use the things I need. I'll slowly weed out things that are necessary from the old laptop and hopefully, in the end, I'll be left with a nice new computer free of clutter.
Just to let you know how behind the times I was, I am going from a 60 gig macbook to a 500 gig iMac! My macbook was so full, I couldn't save a single thing to it. Now, I have so much space, I don't know how I'll fill it! (I'm sure I will).
Although it's new and exciting, I am finding I have to learn a new operating system (which I think I'll like) and a new Microsoft Office Suite (which I also think I'll like). So, I'll be busy for the next few days, playing with my new toys!

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