Monday, March 22, 2010

Are You A Virtual Pioneer?

I have had such an amazing experience with one Second Life group in particular that I wanted to take a few moments to share with you this amazing opportunity available to everyone.  The group Virtual Pioneers, ran by Spiff Whitfield (Andy Wheelock in RL) is a group dedicated to teaching Social Studies in the virtual world.  With around 300 members, this group is active and always doing something fun and educational.

When I first joined the Virtual Pioneers, I wasn't sure if it was for me because I'm not a Social Studies teacher.  I found out quickly that is not needed and the members there won't make you feel out of place if you're not. Past events include a tour of Italy complete with authentic Italian recipes shared at each stop, a visit to the Virtual Holocaust Museum and a talk about a member's visit to China including lots of pictures and explanations about the culture there.

The Virtual Pioneers group has recently expanded and moved to a new location.  You can find the meeting spot here.  Be sure to check out the calendar of upcoming events.  The group meets every other Sunday at 8pm with some tours starting earlier.  The next event is coming up on March 28th and includes a tour of 1920 Berlin.   This tour starts at 1pm Second Life time (which runs on pst).

You can't go wrong with this one!  Join Julie Sugarplum this Sunday for the tour and see why this is a great group.

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