Thursday, March 29, 2012

Arcademic Skill Builders

Deep into a multiple web-link journey which started with a link shared in a tweet and took me through multiple blogs and various educational websites, I discovered Arcademic Skill Builders.  At first I was impressed because the game Alien Addition was fun, cute and had educational value.  With an assortment of various other games, including math, language arts and geography, I thought this would be a great resource to share.

THEN, I discovered that teachers could create classes and assign these games to their students. 

THEN, I realized that when students play the games, they get points and compete against their classmates.  

THEN, I found out it is free right now during a beta testing period and for those teachers that sign up now and use it, they'll get half off the 199 per year price once the beta test is over!  Note: The games will always be free--the classroom management portion will have a small charge.

I had fun playing the games as a 32 year old so I feel pretty confident students will like them too.  Check out this website.  It's very easy to set up a class and a quick startup for the students.  

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  1. you should totally check out study ladder! it's free and awesome too!