Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Spelling City

I was in the computer lab today and a teacher was using Spelling City with her 2nd grade students.  I had never heard of it before so of course I had to play.  I am impressed with the games.  It allows you to type in your own spelling words and practice them.  You can also use it to print out worksheets with the words for practice.  The kids seemed to enjoy it too!

Check it out.  A good portion of the site is free, but there is also the option to buy a subscription with individual logins and more content.


  1. This is the first time that you've heard of VocabularySpellingCity? But its the greatest! My students’ favorites games:

    Alphabetical Order, Word Search, Unscramble, Parts of Speech, Hangman (HangMouse), Crossword Puzzle, Handwriting Printables, and Word Find.

  2. I must be behind the times! haha! I went through a period there where I looked at so many different things, I think I've forgotten about most of them so maybe it got lost in my brain somewhere. Thanks for sharing your favorite games! I'm so glad you love to use it!