Thursday, November 1, 2012

Classroom Websites Unlock Doors to Learning

Teachers, please take a moment to update your classroom webpages! I hear all too often how unnecessary teachers think it is, but I'm here to give you an example of why it is very important to me (and not me as a tech nerd, but me as a parent). I have a shared daughter and I don't have the opportunity to go to her parent teacher conferences or the option to call up her teacher to see what is going on this week in school. My only link to her classroom is the classroom website (and her, but if you have a child in elementary school, you know they aren't so good at giving you the skinny on what happened in school this week). This year, her teacher doesn't update the website. As a parent, I feel on the outside of the educational loop. That's only my story. What about Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Grand Parents, God Parents, etc. There are so many people that may be involved in a child's life and we are leaving them out of the oh-so-important educational side. Now, for the tech nerd side of me, I have worked with a very large amount of teachers to help them build websites. I have yet to talk to one that made the decision to update their site each week who didn't see results. Those results being comments from parents, students or other community members. Not one person has come back to me and said "I just don't see anything really coming from putting my weekly curriculum up there". Everyone I have specifically asked has said they were so glad they started doing it. Take the leap! We're all in this together and there are so many people out there that want to be involved.

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