Monday, July 8, 2013

Why Google Apps?

Google Apps is a suite of services offered by Google including Gmail, Google Drive, Google Sites and lots more.  I not only recommend them for personal use but also for business and educational institutions.  As I have been using Google personally since 2006, I could probably go on all day discussing the reasons why I love it so much, but because I like to make things easy, here is my top five list.  

1.  Your Work Is always Backed Up
When typing an email or a document in Google, your work is autosaved almost constantly.  Nearly every letter you type is saved.  What this means is that if the power goes out or your computer locks up or you drop your phone in the lake, you can still access your work.  With several Gigs available (Depending on which version you are using-Personal, Google Apps for Business or Google Apps for Education) you can save away without working about storage space. 

2.  Low Cost (or Free!) 
If you are using Google Apps for personal or educational use, the basic storage package is free.  If you are a business wanting to use Google apps, the most basic cost is 5.00 per user (with, of course, package deals for larger groups).  With both options, you can always upgrade to large storage packages at any time.  Currently, personal space starts at 15 Gig and Ed/Business space starts at 30 Gig so there is definitely plenty to get you started! 

3.  Accessible Anywhere
Being in the cloud, you can access your documents and other tools anywhere you have access to the internet.  Concerned about internet outages?  No problem!  Google has an offline feature as well that automatically syncs when internet access is restored.

4.  Always Updated and Constantly Improving
Google is always working to improve their products.  Any updates or upgrades are pushed out so that users don't have to worry about a thing.  Any major changes are pushed out with a quick tutorial of the changes that is available on the next login.  

5.  Easy to Use and Collaborate with Others
With a simplistic layout and familiar look and feel, you are sure to get up and running quickly and efficiently.  The share button in the corner of all documents allows the user to collaborate in real time with other users.  This collaboration is one of the best qualities of Google Apps.  Not only does it show exactly what the other person is typing into the document, but it shows a flag by their cursor so you know exactly who is editing the document at that time.  

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