Tuesday, June 3, 2008

As the year comes to a close.....

I've been working a good part of the last few days to "tie up loose ends" around here. Cleaning the labs, FINALLY getting a chance to organize my office and pulling in all the borrowed technology equipment from throughout the year.
I always find myself reflecting on what I did right/wrong and what I'll do for next year. To be honest, I started thinking about next year several months ago. So, you may ask, what are some of the changes I'll make? Here's my list:
1. I sat down one day and picked dates for the entire next year and planned workshops-with topics too! I turned that list in to the office so they know to plan around those dates as best they can. I think that if I have the dates posted at the beginning of the year, teachers will be able to plan for them better. After I made the list, though, I realized that I could totally offer a workshop every week to cover all of my material. So, still working on whether or not I can handle that.
2. I will be working most of the summer to get a lot of handouts and maybe even some step by step videos on my website so if teachers have questions, they can go to there for help.
3. I want to get into the classrooms more to observe technology being used - specifically with our smart boards. I had a goal this year to go and watch and something always came up to prevent me from going. Next year, I'd like to actually get that done-my goal is to see all the rooms with smart boards at least once.
And, I'm sure I'll add more. There's always room for improvement and I like to re-evaluate from time to time to see what needs to be changed.
Looking forward to a summer of planning and a new year ahead!

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