Thursday, July 10, 2008

www2.0 (wonderful world of Web 2.0)

While perusing the wonderful world of web 2.0 this evening, I found a couple fantastic sites that I thought were worth sharing. I really tend to get into the nitty gritty of websites and I throw out probably 95% or more that I look at -specifically if I can't figure them out within a minute. So these are simple, time saving sites that I found very helpful.
1. We've all had the problem. You exchange emails, comments, posts, phone calls, calendars, etc. looking for a good date for a meeting or even. This site eliminates all the craziness. You simply fill in the dates that are good for you, it creates a link that you send to your colleagues/friends and they fill in the dates that are good for them. Eventually it gets narrowed down to some workable dates and voila, you have a date picked without frustration! I love it!
2. This one is awesome and I can't believe everyone in the world isn't using it. This site allows you to send a group card to someone. Yes, you pick the style, pick where you want to sign, sign it and even add a picture if you want. Then, you simply pass it on for the next person to sign! I sent a few of these within minutes of finding the site and they were a huge hit! Oh, and a nice little bonus is that you can even get your card printed. Someone can actually sponsor the printing so the recipient doesn't have to pay themselves. It really is a great concept and very easy to use.

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