Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Technology Camp-No Bug Spray Needed!

As a technology facilitator in Cabarrus county, I am faced with the task of presenting several sessions at our first ever technology camp. We are now past 600 participants (no, we weren't expecting even half that many) so we know that this is our shot to really make an impact on the teachers and administrators in our county. I have volunteered to do 4 sessions.

One session, luckily, I get to do with another person. We will be doing something with Mixbook and Toondoo. We have a lot of great mixbook examples because once I found it and showed it to a few tech facilitators, it was being used like crazy! ToonDoo didn't take off quite as well, but I still think it's a great program and now I know how to promote it a bit more. The people coming to these sessions will most likely never have heard of these tools, so we're basically going to do a quick demo of each and give some educational examples of how they're used.

The second session I'm doing is for administrators (yikes-not sure how I got myself into this one). I'm a little excited and a little nervous all in one. It's a little scary doing a presentation for administrators only. It's titled "Let's Get Organized - Digitally". I created a neat little thing on the SMARTBoard that allows principals to do the schools master schedule using smartnotebook software. Before, they had these crazy magnet boards with magnets that I found out cost 1400.00!!! That's insane and I told them so-and then created the notebook. Well, it's a hit in two schools now and I'm hoping with this presentation, it will be a hit in the other schools as well. In this session, we'll also go over the wonderful world of google and I'll show them igoogle and google calendar specifically. I'm going to focus on the sharing part and help them realize it could be an awesome tool for working together.

The third session I'm doing is on Google Apps. This one is for teachers and we'll just go over igoogle and all the neat things that integrate with it like reader, calendar, bookmarks, etc.

My fourth session I adopted after someone wasn't able to do it, but the more I think about it, the more excited I am to do this one. It's called "Using the SMARTBoard in High School". I'm thinking that I'll show several different lessons that I've collected, some lessons from the SMART website and give them a few interesting uses of some of the things in the gallery.

I'm going to be quite busy, but I think it will be a great thing in the end. I'm also thinking that once I have all of these set, I have something to present at several conferences this year! Looking forward to that! NCETC, NCAECT and FETC-here I come!!! Oh wait! Can I fit NECC in there too?

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