Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Are you hungry for Timetoast?

As my husband is a social studies teacher, I tend to pay close attention to new sites that cater to some of the things he does in class. One thing he always mentions is that kids really don't like to do timelines. I recall not enjoying them in school either-not to mention then are a huge waste of paper when done the old fashioned way (which is how most teachers do them).

Enter Timetoast. Your online timeline creation tool.

I ran across this neat little tool by accident, but it is proving to be a great addition to my collection of web 2.0 resources. Not only would it be a great tool to use for individual or groups of students in a classroom, but also an awesome tool for your interactive whiteboard. Find a great example here of a timeline for NASA:

In 10 minutes time, I signed up and created my first short timeline (5 entries). It was quite easy to get one started and even easier to add entries. I was pleased that the popup box with the entry information was short. All you need is the title, date, description and an optional picture for each entry. This is great for students and teachers that want to do a quick timeline and don't need a lot of fancy options. You can also write a long description because it is hidden until you click on the entry in the timeline.

Another great thing timetoast does is organizes all of your timelines on one page-with pictures (that you add of course). So, from semester to semester or year to year, they are organized on your main timeline page in an easy-to-find format.


  1. Another timeline creation tool that I like is dipity. I especially like how you can feed it your web2.0 links and it creates a very nifty personal timeline.

  2. I agree, dipity is a fantastic tool. I really like the option to share-could be great for group projects. I also like the many different views. I would definitely recommend dipity for that teacher that has a little more tech experience. I can see more collaboration being done with dipity whereas timetoast will most likely be more of an individual activity.