Sunday, September 28, 2008

Look out for the Glogster!

I stumbled upon a new web 2.0 tool the other day. is currently in Beta and followed by the tagline "Poster Yourself". I find it an interesting twist on social networking, but also had to explore the possible educational aspects of the tool. Within a few minutes I had signed up and was trying to create my own poster or "glog". There are many design elements to play with on the site to make your glog interesting and unique. It was fun to create my first glog with all the different objects. After I was done playing, I got the basic understanding of how this could be used in a classroom.
  1. You could have students create "posters" of the topic of interest which would include links, pictures and videos.
  2. A teacher could use a glog as a teaching tool. He/she could create a glog with all the different parts of the lesson (again: links, videos, pictures, etc.). Think of it as a new-age outline.
  3. A technology specialist such as myself could use the glog as an advertising tool for an upcoming workshop.
  4. Along the same lines, a club or group could use a glog to promote an activity or even they are planning.
After thinking of it's uses on my own, I went out in search of those glogs that were already being used in education. Here are a few good ones I found:

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