Tuesday, October 7, 2008

How I Became Fabulous

Many years ago I would list "searching the internet" as one of my hobbies. Yes, with weird stares and questions about what I could possibly be looking for. I just liked the thrill of the hunt. You never know what you might find out there.

Well, as the internet has grown and I found myself busy with a job and a family, that hobby was lost until I met a good friend who helped me learn new and interesting ways to find those neat websites. (Thanks Jason)

Now that I'm a technology facilitator and hang out with a "bunch of nerds" (they're aware I call them that and I think they're actually appreciative). They always ask "how do you know all this-you're fabulous!". I may have embellished the last two words on that quote, but I'm pretty sure they were thinking it! :)

Anyway, truth is, I'm not really that fantastic, I just have a few great tools to help me get there. I figured I'd take a moment to share those few things which are so helpful to me.

1. I share. This is probably my biggest resource. You may be thinking that sharing is me giving ideas away, so how on earth can it be a resource? Truth is, once you start sharing, a wonderful thing happens and people start giving back to you! It works in many aspects of life, but I find it works really well on the internet.

2. I use twitter. (www.twitter.com) Twitter is a microblogging site that allows you to share what you're doing with the world (or at least the part of the world that wants to follow you). I have found many great people in technology to follow on twitter and we all share great ideas with each other about new technologies that are available. Any time a great new web2.0 tool is discovered, someone is talking about it on twitter.

3. I follow blogs on google reader. (www.google.com/reader) Google reader is a tool that helps you put all your blogs in one place so they're easier to read. Anytime I go to a technology conference and hear a great speaker, I look for their blog and add it to my google reader. Anytime they do an update, it appears in my google reader so I don't miss a thing!

I use a few other things as well, but these are my three main resources. I don't want a lot of stuff clogging up my brain or my computer, so I think it is best to keep it simple. It's hard to keep track of several different tools, so just pick a couple that you like the best and stick with those.

I ask anyone else that reads this post to please comment on any other tools you are using to make you fabulous!

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