Friday, January 16, 2009

Feeling a little Twitterpated?

Recently read an article about twitter from the desk of David Pogue at the NY times, "Twittering Tips for Beginners". I find that many people have similar situations when using twitter. They'll try it out and think it is way too time consuming, so they'll put it aside. Then, someone shines the light on how it can truly be used as a helpful tool and they become addicted to it's usefulness.
I, personally find that twitter is one of the biggest components to my personal learning network. Upon first using it, I too found it to be a little overwhelming. Then, I got used to the fact that I probably wasn't going to be able to read every last post that was written. Another thing that helped me so much was the addition of finding @ replies. Being able to see all of the replies directed to you is important so you don't miss answers to questions or other good tips along the way.
I find some of my best information from twitter. Once you find the right people to follow (those that don't post every other minute and those who post excellent ideas), you'll understand why it is an important resource to use. Not only do I find great information there, but I also find the most up to date information. If something new and exciting happens in technology, you can be sure that someone is talking about it on twitter.
I encourage everyone to check it out. Give it 2-3 weeks before you cast it aside. It might take that long for it to really click how great it is.

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