Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Big Three

I was given the advice from Susan Wells to have a big three. In other words, focus on 3 big things and always know what those are so you know you're working toward your goals. I've been thinking about this for a while and after having feelings of being totally overwhelmed lately, I decided it was time to put it on paper. I think I cheated a little because I came up with two sets of big threes, one for work and one for other things. Once I look at them, they're all work related, but the three I put under work were directly related to my school. My school is my first priority, so I'll begin with those (in no particular order)
1. The collaboration center (AKA 21st Century Lab): This will be consuming most of my time from now, through the summer and a good chunk of my time through the course of next school year. Now I am doing a lot with budgeting and planning. Over the summer I'll be putting it together and then next year will be a lot of training to show our teachers how the lab should be used. It's a full time job in itself!
2. Second Life research. I'm putting a lot of time right now not only learning about second life, but also working to make sure it will function correctly at school. I'm also working with my administration and teachers to write a grant for getting our own island. Due to the fact that the island will be on the teen grid, I have spent and will spend quite a bit of time learning about the teen grid and everything associated with using it as an adult instructor.
3. Training-It's the end of the year and I always find a strong decline in attendance for my workshops. So, I would like to focus my trainings on important topics that relate to teachers even at the end of the year.
My "other" three could probably actually fit as subgroups into the 3 above are all ones that will change a bit over the next couple of months or even be eliminated, but serve as high priority right at this moment. These 3 involve preparing for our county's technology camp, finishing up the semester at my other job as a part time college instructor and preparing for my new job as an instructor for NCVPS!
And just so you know I don't work ALL of the time, I do have one final thing that trumps all others-to do something interesting for myself once a week-by myself or with friends-that doesn't involve sitting around the house or being on the computer! Everyone should have something like this as it serves as great stress relief!
So, I encourage everyone to create a big 3 (or six in my case!). Sometimes it helps to write it down and just see where you stand. It helped me refocus today-try it for yourself!

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