Thursday, April 2, 2009

A new idea is hatching!

I've been working and dreaming with my principal for about a year and a half now to create a 21st century computer lab complete with a lab, animation stations, podcasting booths and whatever else we could dream up. It's made many changes over time but within the last few weeks we have made most of our final decisions.
Our room will include a full computer lab, 3 smartboards, animation stations, podcasting centers and ipod carts. The focus of the room will be to Create, Communicate and Collaborate. Several centers will be set up to allow small group projects where students become the focus of the learning environment. Upon describing this to someone, they replied by saying, "wow, sounds like it will be noisy in there"! They were exactly right! I expect noise and would be disappointed if it was silent during a visit. Not everyone would be excited about the noise factor, but I think it is essential in a room like this in the 21st century.
Today we received the computers for the room which really made it sink in that this is actually happening. It has only been in my head for so long, it's exciting to start seeing it come together. I will be posting more blogs about the creation, the drama and the excitement surrounding this construction, including photos, so stay tuned-plenty more to come!

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