Thursday, September 12, 2013

Techie Bulletin Board

I spent a year looking at a lonely bulletin board in one of my schools and this year I decided to adopt it.  For me, it was a perfect location - In the teacher's lounge.  This lounge is where everyone goes for their coffee, to eat lunch, etc.  I knew I could come up with something to share techie awesomeness with them.
With a little help from one of my Media Coordinator/Pinterest Lover buddy (thanks Beth), I was able to come up with what you see here.

So, as a further explanation, the newsfeed is more or less what is going on in the tech world at that school for the month.  I put my coffee with a nerd videos on there and any upcoming trainings. Then, in the status update section, I have hand written posts (because I hope to one day get teachers to add their own updates) of things that might be of interest to them.  

This board has been up for a few weeks now and the teachers seem to really like it (or at least they're pretending to think my cheesiness is cool).  So, I'll continue updating it once per month and hopefully they'll learn a few things in the process!  

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