Monday, December 8, 2008

A look into Second Life

I've been exploring Second Life for a couple of weeks now and have learned a lot! I've spent most of my time on ISTE island, which has been great for helping me to learn new things about, not only education, but also how to navigate the program.
Overall, I'm pretty pleased with the program and have become a bit addicted. I'm one of those people that has to completely immerse myself in something until I learn it.
Upon first entering the program, I was pretty pleased with how easy it was to get started. Successful at navigating and changing my appearance, I headed over to ISTE Island. After a few nights of visiting, I met someone there that invited me to watch a class at Western Carolina University's Island. This class was a group of students that were presenting lesson plans they had created. It was amazing! I knew this kind of stuff happened, but it really took seeing it to totally grasp the concept.
After that night, I started having problems with the program crashing. It wouldn't let me in but for maybe a minute or so at a time. It was becoming more of an annoyance at this point. It took me about a week but I finally figured out that the problem was the video card in my computer. So, I tried it on my Mac last night and it worked fine.
I think this could be a great option in high school for not only staff development, but for classes as well. Now that I know that so many universities and businesses use this, I think it is important to either use it as a school district (you can buy your own island). Or at least talk about it to students so that they will have at least heard of it by the time they have to use it.
My Second Life name is Julie Sugarplum.


  1. Julie! I'm so glad you are in SL. Isn't it awesome!

  2. Thanks Thunder! Thunder has been a great friend to me in Second Life. She's a great help to newbies and has helped me learn many new things!